Men’s climax: don’t wear yourself out

It’s not common to know this, but progressively it’s scientifically proven: too much ejaculation is bad for your wellbeing. Ejaculating a few times in a 24 hour period reduces sperm fertility for greater than five months. Climaxing two times or more within one day also decreases libido levels for two weeks. In a famous study of earthworms,  it has been found that by reducing the amount of times you climax, your life span is increased substantially.

 Climax is not ejaculation.

Indeed, they are functions that are separate in the human neo cortex.

Ancient cultures knew something that we Westerners are only just understanding. Climax can happen on multiple occasions without ejaculation. While in the 1940s, Alfred Kinsey found this, and it has been reconfirmed many times since by brain scans. Some men possess the ability, through masturbation training, to experience full-body waves of orgasms.

It really possible?

Fortunately, all of this may be mastered. If you would like to learn more, read here about naturally lasting longer for men in sex. There you can also purchase a cheap guide for only $2.99 on how best to become multiple orgasmic.

This is a great way to learn how to go longer during sex, and just how to increase and continue maintaining powerful erections. Consequently a lot of male dysfunction originates from weak masturbation, which itself pertains to the man being out of touch together with his emotional and psychological relationship to sex, and his excitement pattern. Since the process of understanding alleviates male sexual issues as you go along, researching multiple orgasm is just a win win. In a time focused by medical products, this historic knowledge is quite unique. I encourage all males to try it!

Medical versus alternative remedies for ED

A popular prescriptive medicine ingredient to reduce cholesterol, statins, could improve erectile function, according to recent studies. Doctors are currently carrying out research on this, as well as encouraging males who are at risk of coronary arrest to take statins for ed too.

However, statins are not one of the most powerful erection stimulating medications, and in reality, erectile function is not enhanced with status as much as with drugs like Cialis Viagra or Levitra.

Statins, as I mentioned above, are used to reduce cholesterol. Previous research have associated statins negatively with testosterone, i.e. they might decrease testosterone levels and therefore interest in sex.

Statins work by helping the circulation of blood towards the penis and dilating the arteries.

A concern, in cases like this, is: do people need such medications? Some popular dissenters, like Dr. Mercola believe there are some important dangers associated with using statins, such as enhanced risk for diabetes and nerve damage.

I prefer to keep informed about drugs for sexual health. I don’t take something at face value, and encourage men to do the exact same. Sadly, pharmaceutical developments do not often echo what’s most healthful for the client. Many medicines have side effects and long term consequences.

Thus, when it comes to any type of treatment, it’s vital to do study that is detailed. In regards to erection dysfunction, it might be quite simple take these cholesterol medications and expect they are also a remedy for ed, or to just accept a prescription.

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